ILS approach Essendon Airport and landing

I’ve  flown the ILS approach Essendon Airport a few times now in my Instrument Rating training, but always just to the missed approach point. On this flight we fly the ILS down to the ground for a full-stop landing on runway 26 at Essendon (YMEN).

We departed Moorabbin Airport on runway 31R for pretty much a straight out intercept of our track, climbing to 3000 feet and getting vectors from Melbourne Approach in Class C controlled airspace.

Then once established on the localiser we wait for the glideslope to come alive and descend on the glide path to the runway.

Clouds were around 1,500 feet up to 2,500 feet which made for some good actual IMC flying practise. We also had some additional traffic to be aware of with a Sharp Airlines Metroliner landing ahead of us, and a King Air being vectored behind us. Plus departing traffic on the cross runway being told to hold until we’d passed the runway intersection. But ATC as always made things a lot easier with great direction and help.

ILS approach Essendon Airport video

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