Formation flying – how to fly really close to another plane (on purpose)

After getting in a bit of a rut with my flying (see this video for more on that) I decided the way to spark my interest again was to stop being such a loner pilot and go flying with friends. So a group of us decided to fly together to get our formation flying endorsement. […]

Special (not on YouTube) video for Blue Demon Aviation

Here’s a video that isn’t on YouTube that I made recently for the Blue Demon Aviation team. They’ve moved location at Moorabbin Airport and wanted to let customers know where they were and that they’re still very much open for business. So we filmed a fun, 2 minute video one morning at the airport which […]

The music I use in my YouTube videos

I’ve been asked a few times to share some of the music I use in my YouTube videos so I’ve created a Spotify playlist of some of my favourite tracks from videos over the years. Spotify Playlist I generally like downtempo, jazzy, chillhop type music in my videos. I think it compliments the travel and […]

Rex Airlines New 737 Melbourne to Sydney service

Rex Airlines have launched their new Melbourne to Sydney service using Boeing 737s. The new service, on what was traditionally the world’s second busiest air route (behind Seoul to Jeju in South Korea), is a competitor to existing operators on the same route previously offered by Qantas, Virgin, and Jetstar. Rex sold tickets to their […]

Every Airport Challenge – Victoria

Because we’re all having to stay closer to home right now I’ve been missing travelling in my aircraft. I was starting to run out of ideas of places to go that weren’t in another country (or even just in another state) and was getting a little down about only being able to go to the […]

Garmin GTN650 / 750 Connext – databases won’t update?

This is a very niche post for anyone who, like me, may have had issues updating databases on a Garmin GTN650 or GTN750 using a wireless FliteStream 510 and Garmin Pilot on iOS. I could connect to my Garmin FliteStream, I had the databases downloaded on Garmin Pilot on my iPad, but at no point […]

Fly The Border – Victoria

In January 2021 I attempted to fly the outline of the border of Victoria as accurately as possible using only traditional navigation techniques – no GPS, no following magenta lines on my iPad. Just a paper map, a pencil, and a few other analogue tools. It was both a success and a failure. A success […]

What to do with your private pilot’s license

I was recently asked to be on an Australian Aviation podcast called Up And Away. The podcast is run by fellow aviator Chris Frangou with guests including Outback pilot Shelley Ross, Steve Hitchen from Australian Flying Magazine, Bevan Anderson (creator of AvPlan EFB) and now me! We have a chat about how I got into […]

My last video bombed, what do I do?

Last night I uploaded a video and experienced the worst performing first 8 hours of any video I’ve ever released. As I was working through the reasons why I thought I’d share my thought process with you to help those who, at some point in your life, have also produced something that just didn’t work. […]

Darren James Weekend Breakfast interview on 3AW

Great to be interviewed by Darren James, broadcaster and fellow aviation lover, on his weekend breakfast show on 3AW. It was great to finally chat to Darren, not only an aviation fan but a fellow runner on his show. Below is the audio of the interview reproduced with permission. Be sure to check out Darren […]

Gender Influence in Ab Initio Flight Training

Bachelor in Aviation/Business Management student Kerry Phillips is investigating female focussed flying schools and is asking pilots to complete a quick survey on the subject. As someone who loves the aviation industry and wants to see it continue to flourish long after COVID-19 is a distant memory, and as the father of a 13 year […]

Would you risk an 802 mile flight across Russia?

As part of my postponed Round The World adventure I’m flying through Russia, a place I’m very excited to visit. With the help of an awesome handling and clearance company based in Russia I’ve been working on my routing but have ended up with one leg which is making me a tiny bit nervous. So […]