VH-EYZ (“Echo Yankee Zulu”) is my Cirrus SR22 G3. Here are a few facts about the aircraft:

  • it was made in the USA in 2007
  • the “VH-” prefix means it’s registered in Australia
  • it’s a “G3” model, meaning it’s the 3rd version of the SR22
  • it has a normally aspirated (no turbocharger) 310HP Continental engine
  • it burns AVGAS 100LL for fuel
  • it can hold up to 92G of fuel, but for planning it has 90G of “usable” fuel

Performance-wise, the aircraft will optimally cruise at 8,000 to 10,000 feet with a true airspeed (TAS) of 155-160 knots. At that speed/altitude it will burn around 13.5 gallons/hour (around 50 litres). This gives the aircraft a typical range of around 750 to 850 nautical miles after reserves, eg: Sydney to Brisbane non-stop.

Track VH-EYZ in real time

When I have the transponder on, you can track EYZ on FlightRadar here.