European Flying Tour 2019

I took three weeks out over Summer to fly around Europe with Philippe Polman, a Cirrus Instructor and owner of an SR20 G6. Philippe owns N55557 (try saying that 3 times after a 4 hour flight) which we logged almost 50 hours on over the course of three weeks of flying.

I filmed the adventures for my YouTube channel, you can see the playlist below. But I thought I’d also share some photos of the adventure here as well.

European Flying Adventure Playlist

You can relive the experience with the full European Flying Adventure playlist on YouTube. Put the kettle on, and sit back and enjoy flying through clouds over London, over Lochs in Scotland, round the Normandy Coast of France, plus experience the worst turbulence I’ve ever flown through in the Alps, into grass landing strips in Venice and over lakes in Switzerland. Also enjoy long over water crossings, landing on runways on the side of Fjörds and much much more.


Here are some pictures taken along the way on the trip.

The Matterhorn towering over us as we fly up the valley
well, were in Venice, and I needed a shot for Instagram
Milkshake, the Alpine cow
ready for the 514Km over water crossing from Scotland to Norway
trying to leave before the storm hits Wick in Scotland
at the Orien’s Aviation hangar, Biggin Hill, where N55557 was based

Fly with Philippe

If you want to do something similar, Philippe can tailor flying trips to your needs. Go for a day, a week, or more and fly in to those places you might not otherwise have visited had you not had a qualified Instructor sitting next to you. He’s a great pilot, a really nice guy, and he provides very good snacks.

Contact Philippe through his company at

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