Outback Flying Adventure – Download my Flight Plans

I recently spent two weeks flying solo around the West and North of Australia through some of the remotest parts of this country. My flights took me over the Nullarbor Plain, the Simpson Desert, the Kimberley and around Australia’s top end. Plus over Western Australia’s island archipelagos, through the Red Centre, and with scenic flights along the way including the Horizontal Waterfalls, the Bungle Bungles and Uluru.

It was an epic 31.5 hours of flying, 8,278Km covered, and one of the best aviation experiences I’ve ever had.

I’ve been asked to share my flight plans for the trip, so I’ve exported a .gpx file for every single leg of the journey which you can import into your EFB or Google Maps or other similar mapping tools.

Outback Flying Adventure videos

I filmed every one of my flights and my adventures on the ground as I flew around the Outback, for a detailed look at my two week adventure put the kettle on, make a nice cup of tea, and settle in to watch my Outback Flying Adventure playlist:

How to view a .gpx file in Google Maps

  1. Right-click and download one of the .gpx files from this page
  2. Go to: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/
  3. Click “create a new map”
  4. Click “import” and select the .gpx file that you downloaded
  5. Et voila! You should see the flight track overlaid on a Google Map like the example above


I should note that I used AvPlan EFB exclusively for planning and flying this trip. I am not sponsored by AvPlan EFB nor did they pay me for this trip, however AvPlan EFB did give me a free subscription to their software. The screenshots of my flight tracks and .gpx file exports are all from AvPlan EFB on an iPad. You can get a free 30-day trial of AvPlan EFB on their website.

Also I made a video of why I use AvPlan EFB and why I switched from my previous EFB here:

The Flight Plans

IMPORTANT: Before you download the flight plans, one important warning. Please note, this is how I planned and flew these flights. If you’re planning to do something similar, you’ll need to take into account your own fuel planning, weather, aircraft endurance, weight and balance, experience levels, and so much more before you set off on one of these flights. You MUST talk to your flying instructor before attempting anything suggested in these flight plans or in the videos I made as I flew around Australia. I’m sharing these to help share the love and enjoyment of aviation, but safety ALWAYS comes first. So please use these as a source of motivation only. Plan your own flights your way, I am not a flight instructor, just another Private Pilot sharing one way to approach it.

Thanks for listening to that. Ok, here are the flight plans:

Flight 1: Moorabbin (YMMB) to Ceduna (YCDU) via Aldinga (YADG)

Download 01-YMMB_YCDU.gpx


Flight 2: Ceduna (YCDU) to Kalgoorlie (YPKG) via Forrest (YFRT)

Download 02-YCDU-YPKG.gpx

Flight 3: Kalgoorlie (YPKG) to Shark Bay (YSHK)

Download 03-YPKG_YSHK.gpx

Flight 4: Shark Bay (YSHK) to Broome (YBRM) via Carnarvon (YCAR)

Download 04-YSHK_YBRM.gpx

Flight 5: Broome (YBRM) to Kununurra (YPKU) via Horizontal Waterfalls

Download 05-YBRM_YPKU.gpx

Flight 6: Kununurra (YPKU) to Halls Creeks (YHLC) via Bungle Bungles

Download 06-YPKU_YHLC.gpx

Flight 7: Halls Creek (YHLC) to Ayers Rock Airport (YAYE) via Wolfe Creek Meteorite Crater

Download 07-YHLC_YAYE.gpx

Flight 8: Ayers Rock Airport (YAYE) to William Creek (YWMC) via Uluru scenic flight

Download 08-YAYE_YWMC.gpx

Flight 9: William Creek (YWMC) to Broken Hill (YBHI)

Download 09-YWMC_YBHI.gpx

Flight 10: Broken Hill (YBHI) to Bendigo (YBGD)

Download 10-YBHI_YBDG.gpx

Flight 11: Bendigo (YBDG) to Moorabbin (YMMB)

Download 11-YBDG_YMMB.gpx

1 thought on “Outback Flying Adventure – Download my Flight Plans

  1. Paul Ryan Reply

    Great Show Stefan, A couple of years ago a small group of recreational pilots did the Lake Eyer trip. 2 jabirus, a Texan and a Gazelle. Penfield to Wentworth, to Port Augusta Marree, William Creek, Arkaroola, Broken Hill Swan hill and home. Didn’t travel as quickly as you but like you were blown away by the images and isolation of the outback and the total friendliness of the people. Love your channel, keep it up, fly safe
    Paul Ryan

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