IFR Night Flight Moorabbin Airport to Latrobe Valley

Nearing the end of my Instrument Rating training, one of the last trips we flew was an IFR night flight from Moorabbin Airport to Latrobe Valley.

The flight allowed me to practise a few things, including night take-off and landing practise, and night circling around a CTAF airfield. Plus I also got to try a position report, a radio call that is becoming less important as we all move towards an ADS-B infrastructure in Australia. However Melbourne Centre probably realised this was a training flight and allowed me to give a full position report. I wasn’t sure if they’d come back simply with “not required”, that’s why you’ll hear me saying “what a nice man” in the video below!

Aircraft was a Piper Arrow VH-LCM hired through Peter Bini Advanced Flight Training. And thanks as always to my instructor Steve for allowing me to film this flight.

Enjoy the video, and as always if you like what you see I always appreciate you tapping that ‘like’ button on YouTube.

IFR Night Flight Moorabbin Airport to Latrobe Valley

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