Why I’ve closed my Facebook page

Just to be clear before I start – I already deleted my personal Facebook page about a year and a half ago. You know, the one you setup 10 years ago when Facebook was “the thing” so you could share photos of your coffee, harvest crops in FarmVille, and discover “which Star Wars Character are you” when you were bored on a Friday afternoon at work.

No, this post is in reference to the Stefan Drury ‘Business’ Facebook page, the one that some of you may have followed over the last year or so. The one that I’ve been using just to share updates on what’s happening around my YouTube channel. That’s the one I’ve closed down.

So firstly – sorry. I know some of you have used that page to reach out to me in the past, to send me messages or comment on my posts, and I’ve loved that. I’m very grateful for the time you invested in doing that, none of that was wasted on me.

The old Facebook page – too many unread messages & notifications

However, it’s become really clear to me recently that I just don’t “do” Facebook. I don’t use it personally, and I wasn’t interacting with you all frequently or effectively enough to make it worth anyone’s time. I would post a short clip from a video or link to my YouTube channel every week or so, and that was it.

It was basically becoming a pretty simple advertising channel for YouTube, and apart from a small kick of traffic to to YouTube it was clear that this wasn’t actually benefitting anyone. It was just me making more noise in an already noisy social media world.

A typical “Go watch my video on YouTube” Facebook post


So I’ve closed my Facebook page and will instead focus on the channels I can use effectively to communicate with you – YouTube (of course), Instagram and Twitter.

I know that not all of you who use Facebook will also use Instagram and Twitter, and therefore this may restrict your opportunities to interact with me in the future. However I don’t want to waste your time with sub-par, irregular, fairly pointless content, nor do I want to push out self-promoting links to videos just because “I really need to do Facebook to get more traffic“.


Also, I’m kind of blown away by the growth of YouTube and the community we’re building on there anyway. I’d rather focus everything I can on creating content for you that you enjoy rather than diluting your (and my) time with another social media channel.

Crazy, unexpected, but appreciated subscriber growth on YouTube

But I will support the YouTube content with Instagram and Twitter – those are still great places for me to directly communicate with you, for you to send me messages that I can easily reply to on my phone, and for me to share more timely ‘behind the scenes’ content that never makes it to the YouTube vlogs.

So thanks Facebook, you were a big part of the Internet and I certainly had fun times on your platform, but alas it’s farewell.

Where I’ll be hanging out

YouTube: http://youtube.com/stefandrury

Instagram: http://instagram.com/stef747

Twitter: http://twitter.com/stef747

6 thoughts on “Why I’ve closed my Facebook page

  1. Rob Reply

    Sadly the o my reason I still use Facebook is family who still use it, and I run the Savannah Owners group phage which has grown far larger than i expected, and has now become the global Savannah owners and pilots page, otherwise I would have closed Facebook long ago. Sadly I have not created any more city Bush pilots content yet as I’m busy with my EV content, full time work and house renovations, the Savannah is sitting unloved and unflown. (Might get an hour this weekend). Love your channel and the Australian content, best aviation content globally. Cheers Rob, City Bush Pilots (SydEV).

  2. Joel Reply

    Good work stef ! I really enjoy your channel and look forward to your videos, can’t wait for the great content you post, I’m not a pilot but still enjoy it !

  3. Sam Moodlay Reply

    While I applaud your removing what amounts to a superfluous social media platform I do note that in the top right-hand corner of this very page that the facebook link icon still appears 😉

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