The music I use in my YouTube videos

I’ve been asked a few times to share some of the music I use in my YouTube videos so I’ve created a Spotify playlist of some of my favourite tracks from videos over the years.

Spotify Playlist

I generally like downtempo, jazzy, chillhop type music in my videos. I think it compliments the travel and flying I do and to be honest this is the sort of music I listen to in my headset when I’m flying or at home on a rainy weekend.

I do use music from libraries like Epidemic Sound but also like to go direct to individual artists and labels for some variety. I’ve probably used music from G-wiz, Birocratic, David Cutter, Jazzinuf, DJ Grumble, and artists on the Etymology Records and Chillhop Records labels more than any others so they feature heavily on this playlist.

I’ll keep updating the playlist as I create new videos, so click ‘Follow’ if you want to keep updated, and thanks for helping these amazing artists by listening to their tracks on Spotify.


Note: if you sign up to Epidemic Sound using the link in this blog post I get a small commission fee from referring you, so if you sign up thanks in advance. Just wanted to be totally honest about it all, ok that’s it, thanks.

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