DJI Spark: 10 tips to get cinematic drone footage

DJI Spark Drone Tips

I’ve been using a DJI Spark for over a year now to capture footage that I use in my YouTube videos. Spoiler alert: I love it. The compact size means it’s really easy to travel with and it’s dead easy to operate and launch quickly for those times I stop on the side of the road somewhere and let my tolerant wife know I’m “just going to quickly get that on the drone”.

I made a quick video on my top 10 tips for how you can get the most out of your DJI Spark, or most of these are relevant to all drones to be honest.

Check out the YouTube video here:

10 tips for the DJI Spark

These are the top 10 tips I discuss in the video:

  1. Go full manual – ditch “auto” and control your settings
  2. Use your histogram – set your exposure in the app (I show you how to do that in the video)
  3. Get your grid on – use the grid overlay to follow the rule of thirds when shooting
  4. Stick to one motion
  5. Track left or right
  6. Reveal the scene
  7. Use the sun properly
  8. Stay low down
  9. Go high, point down
  10. Set and forget

If you have any tips of your own or any comments on the video I’d love to hear them – add a comment on YouTube and that helps me tailor and improve my content on the channel moving forwards.

Happy drone flying.

2 thoughts on “DJI Spark: 10 tips to get cinematic drone footage

  1. Robert Sleipnes Reply

    Hi Stefan and thanks for great content?Question: what are the rules for flying drones down under? Here in Norway they are quite strict both where you can fly(dist. to building/people) and also what you can film. Just wondering how it is at your end.

    • Stefan Drury Post authorReply

      Hey Robert, CASA are actually really good at making the rules available to drone pilots. They have a dedicated website here:

      Basically we also have strict rules for recreational operation regarding distance from people and airports etc. We also have a good app called “Can I Fly There” again from CASA which you can use to see real-time airspace restrictions.

      Happy drone flying, cheers,

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