Special (not on YouTube) video for Blue Demon Aviation

Here’s a video that isn’t on YouTube that I made recently for the Blue Demon Aviation team. They’ve moved location at Moorabbin Airport and wanted to let customers know where they were and that they’re still very much open for business.

So we filmed a fun, 2 minute video one morning at the airport which you can now see on their Facebook page.

Where did Blue Demon go? A short movie

For as long as I’ve owned an aircraft I’ve had all of my maintenance and engineering works performed by Blue Demon Aviation. A family owned business with friendly and helpful staff. I’ve learned a lot about aircraft ownership and honestly am a better pilot because of them, so please show them some love on Facebook here or find them online at www.bluedemon.com.au.

Note: I wasn’t paid anything for this video, nor for talking about Blue Demon, I just want to help promote good companies doing good work for the aviation industry.

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