Thanks to you I’m a Garmin Ambassador

I’ve been a long-time Garmin customer. I installed two Garmin GTN650s in my Cirrus SR22, have a Garmin Pilot subscription on my iPad, run with a Forerunner 935, use an InReach Mini for navigating… all of which I paid for myself over the years.

Then a little while back, after a series of late night / early morning conversations with the Garmin Aviation team in the USA, I was asked if I wanted to be added to a very humbling list of ‘Garmin Ambassadors’ to showcase their technology through my adventures on YouTube.

I said yes, and it’s something I am very proud of.

Garmin D2 Mach 1 watch that I fly with

I don’t work with many brands and always wanted to keep my YouTube channel fiercely independent. My objective with YouTube was never to turn a profit or garner recognition. Rather, I’ve always focussed on sharing my passion and creativity to grow a community of like-minded people who enjoy watching my content and perhaps even use it as inspiration to create their own adventures.

So the opportunity to work with a company that I was already a customer of, that had direct relevance to my audience, and that enabled me to elevate the type of content I could make was exciting and energising. Working with Garmin was a very natural fit.

None of this would have happened without my YouTube channel, and without you – the viewer who clicks on my videos and enjoys coming on adventures with me. I am very grateful to you for helping me get to this point and excited to use this relationship with Garmin to boost the aviation content I can make for you in 2022 and beyond.

Big plans… I have big, big plans.

So from this point forwards you will continue to see Garmin products on my channel, I’ll keep using Garmin avionics when flying, I may even wear this Garmin hat they sent me (actually I won’t, I don’t really like it and that wasn’t in the contract). However I wanted you to know that there is now a commercial arrangement in place between myself and Garmin so even though I genuinely do like their products and technology, I’m going to start telling you that I like their products and technology.

The only time I will wear this hat

As part of this arrangement Garmin have provided me with equipment for the EYZ upgrade that I’ve been vlogging about on YouTube. I’m excited to share what this new gear can do on my channel in the future.

I just wanted to be honest with you. We’re on this journey together after all. And thanks again, it’s a big deal to me, and I couldn’t have done it without you.

Now back to the avionics upgrade so we can go flying again…


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  1. Gary bauerle,MD. Reply

    Hi Stefan
    I’m wandering how I can fly my RV7 to Australia. Any info helps

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