Garmin D2 Delta PX Aviator Watch

I recently got to test Garmin’s D2 Delta PX watch for pilots. It’s a beast of a watch with more features than most aircraft have let alone something that straps to your wrist.

I’ll save the detailed review for the video which is included in the post down below, but TL;DR the watch is fantastic in terms of features but isn’t the cheapest one out there. Costing AUD$1,849 that’s a fair amount of AVGAS or flight training. So if you’re starting out as a student pilot you probably don’t need one of these right away. But if you’re a pilot already using Garmin devices in your cockpit like Garmin Pilot on the iPad, or GTN navigation avionics etc then this watch compliments that ecosystem really well.

It’s a sturdy watch that looks great and also allows you to track health and fitness activities like running, walking, swimming, etc

Win a D2 pilot watch

The watch was loaned to me by Australian Aviation Magazine who have 3 to give away as part of a subscriber offer they’re currently running. This competition ends in December 2019 so depending when you read this it might be over. If not, you can use the special code STEF747 and get a discount off a subscription to AA or WofA magazine(s) as well as going into the draw to win a Garmin D2 Watch.

Note: I get a small commission from every subscription using that code. And you get money off, so win-win.

Watch the video

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