Flying a Tiger Moth (not yet, but it’s on the list)

I have a list of “Aviation Goals” on my phone that I refer to for inspiration from time to time (usually when the weather is bad and I can’t fly).

My girlfriend took me to see ‘Out of Africa’ on the big screen at the weekend as part of a celebration of Universal Pictures. It’s one of my favourite films of all time and whilst I know it’s an aviator’s cliche watching that ‘Flight Over Africa’ scene as a kid has got to take some responsibility for getting me interested in aviation in the first place.

So “Fly a Tiger Moth” has just climbed up a few spots on my “Aviation Goals” list. I think after I finish off my Aerobatic rating (which should be done by next month) I might ask around the hangars at Bankstown and see who has a Tiger Moth available for a scenic.

I know me though, next thing I’ll be hooked on the sensation of flying in an open cockpit, with the wind in my face, scarf flapping away behind me. I’ll probably go out and buy my own pair of aviation goggles and wear them around the house…

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