Cirrus SR20 Moorabbin to Bendigo | traffic avoidance, autopilot & GPS

About the flight

I wanted to make the most of a beautiful clear day in Victoria for my first solo flight in the Cirrus SR20. The video below shows my departure from Moorabbin Airport, tracking to Sugarloaf Reservoir where I had to overtake a slower Cessna up the VFR lane to Kilmore, then tracking direct to Bendigo.

I used this flight as a training exercise for myself to get familiar with the GPS and Autopilot. Those are just two of a number of awesome systems in this aircraft. Once the track is setup and your checks are done, you can focus so much more on traffic separation and situational awareness as the plane focuses on the task of keeping us on track.

Cirrus SR20 flight video

The aircraft I flew was VH-TPS, a Cirrus SR20 G2, hired through Blue Demon Aviation at Moorabbin.

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