Cirrus IFR cloudsurfing in the SR20

During my Cirrus certification I had an opportunity to fly the Cirrus IFR between Moorabbin and Avalon. On this training flight the low clouds meant we chose to navigate some of the flight in IFR. This was only my second time in ‘real’ IMC whilst sitting in the cockpit. Conditions were perfect. A low but very stable layer of clouds with a base around 1500′ AGL up to around 2500′ AGL.

There’s no cockpit audio unfortunately as I didn’t have my full GoPro setup, but you can see us flying over the top, some shots of our Avidyne PFD and MFD, plus our descent into cloud flying the RNAV into Moorabbin.

The Aircraft is fantastic, it’s a Cirrus SR20, VH-TDS, hired through Blue Demon at Moorabbin Airport, Victoria, Australia.

Enjoy, and remember if you have any questions please consult your local Flying Instructor. But if you have any comments or feedback, I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

1 thought on “Cirrus IFR cloudsurfing in the SR20

  1. Graeme Britten Reply

    Hi Stefan
    My name is Graeme Britten I am currently studying and conducting my CIR at flyoz Cowra.
    I have seen some of your YouTube videos especially ils into Avalon which I enjoyed because we are currently doing ils Canberra, Richmond Wagga Wagga.
    Your incorrect frequency Avalon ils was great training 4 me and shows how hard it is to get everything right in one fir training flight.

    I have put together a syndicate in a sr22 cirrus VH-JRL with 4 other guys, which we have owned for nearly two years. Myself and Michael are both doing our CIR
    I have sat Irex examine once and failed with 52% but determined to pass next time.
    Enjoy the YouTube videos

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