Avalon Airshow 2009 – Saturday

Just back from spending all of yesterday at Avalon Aerodrome (YMAV) to watch the penultimate day of the airshow.

The flying display was delayed for 2 hours due to a heavy rainshower that made its way painfully slowly across Melbourne’s West, but by around 11.30am the sky began to clear just enough to allow flying to commence.

I sheltered from the rain under the right wing of one of Qantas’s A380’s which was actually a really enjoyable experience. Spending almost an hour that close to the world’s largest passenger aircraft was a treat, I got to have a really decent look around and there was something comforting knowing that one of her huge wings was keeping me dry.

(Hang on, it’s all getting a bit romantic here, back to the airshow).

So a picture tells a thousand words and a Flickr gallery even more, so I’ll stop rambling and post this slideshow of some of my highlights instead:

All in all a great day out. The weather didn’t affect my time at all. I loved getting up close to the A380, hearing the roar of the B1-B Lancer’s engines as she performed a go-around 500feet above my head, and wandering around the many displays from exhibitors like the ADF, RAAF, AngelFlight and more.

It’s just a shame it’s only a once every 2 years event… but I know where I’ll be in March 2011.

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