Star Alliance Lounge | Los Angeles Airport (LAX)

Star Alliance Lounge at Los Angeles Airport

The Star Alliance Lounge at LAX for International travellers is located in the Tom Bradley International Departures terminal at Los Angeles Airport. The lounge can be found on the top level in the main central part of the terminal. Access it via the elevators or by 2 flights of escalators.

elevator or escalator, choose wisely

At the entrance to the lounge you’ll be greeted by a staff member who checks your boarding pass and then hides when you ask if you can take a photo:

there’s usually someone sitting here, they hid when I took the photo

Lounge and Services

The lounge itself is really nice, very large with plenty of seating, and well laid out with several areas inside the main structure but also a curved terrace which overlooks the main terminal. This is a great place to sit if you’ve been on a plane for a long time and you want to get some natural light and get that “I’ve been trapped inside a metal tube for half a day” feeling out of your system.

watch your partner spending on duty free all from the comfort of the lounge

There are also plenty of seating options indoors if you’re not fussed about sitting in the natural light. There’s table seating near the buffet, and more comfortable lounge and armchair seats near the bar if you just want to chill.

pro tip: really hungry? sit right next to the buffet, less time walking, more time eating


good variety of seating options


power points are life, this lounge has plenty

There are plenty of seating options for families, couples, and solo travellers. Power points were all over the place with the US 3-pin variety and USB power from most hubs.

Food and Drinks

Inside the main structure, there is a large buffet area which was serving hot foods, cold salads and meats, chips/dips, desserts, and other food options. There is also a separate bar with bartender for cocktails, and self-serve wine, champagne, and beer.

help yourself to wine, spirits, champagne, or beer… ok then


puddings – you should always start here


hot food options


chips, dips, and veggie sticks – great idea if you want a snack but aren’t heaps hungry


more hot food options

Near the bar was a cheese stations where you could create your own cheese platter to go with your drinks.

Self serve cheese station? You cheddar believe it.


An excellent lounge – spacious, great food and drink options, with lots of places to sit. Definitely visit if you’re passing through LAX.

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