Qantas Founders Museum Longreach – Boeing 747-200 707

Today I’m vlogging my way around the Qantas Founders Museum in Longreach featuring the Boeing 747-200, Boeing 707, Qantas Heritage Hangar, and Catalina flying boat. Join me on this special video at the museum as part of my 6 day trip flying solo from Melbourne to Longreach and back.

Thanks to our Jet Tour guide Alex for allowing me to film the tour, it’s her voice you’ll hear in some parts talking about the Boeing 747 and Boeing 707.

It was a huge personal achievement of mine to fly solo up to Longreach from Melbourne. It’s great to be able to share the trip with you.

I’m flying from Melbourne to Longreach in a Cirrus SR20 under the Instrument and Visual flight rules. Stopping at regional airports along the way, hopefully meeting some interesting people and fellow aviators, and sharing the whole trip with you here on YouTube.


Video: Tour of Qantas Founders Museum Longreach

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Filmed on a Canon EOSM6, various GoPros, and sometimes my iPhone. Audio usually from Epidemic Sound.

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