Qantas Business Class Lounge Melbourne

Newly renovated Qantas Business Class Lounge now open

TheĀ Qantas Business Class Lounge at Melbourne’s Domestic terminal has reopened after several months of refurbishment.

The newly renovated lounge takes up the space where the regular Qantas Club lounge used to be. To access the lounge you head up the escalator from the Qantas Club entrance in the Qantas terminal (T1) and turn left at the top. This takes you to the new business class entrance with the lounge stretching the entire length of the building with large windows to the right overlooking the apron.

Qantas Business Class Lounge video

If you want pictures that move, check out this vlog I made in the lounge last week:

Lounge and Services

If it’s apples you want, this is the place

The lounge is divided into a few key areas. The main entrance area (shown above) has individual and group seating in a smaller area, if you can get a seat in here it’s probably going to be a little quieter than the main area further through.

Main seating area

Then the main seating area (above) has more group seating options divided into tables of twos, fours, and a few that can be pulled together for larger group.

Large windows along the entire side of the lounge

There’s also a long row of individual and couple seats that line up along the window overlooking the gates for Terminal 1. This is a good place to sit if you want to look out and watch the aircraft movements, which let’s be honest, is what you’re going to want to do right?

Food and drinks

The bar, opens at midday

The food and beverage area is still being worked on a little, you can see the hoarding to the back of the photo of the bar above. But currently there are two food stations offering buffet breakfasts at the time we were there. There’s also the new signature Qantas ‘quench’ station where you can get herbal teas and make your own juices. The bar offers alcoholic drinks after midday and has a barista service for a coffee in the mornings.


There’s still a bit of renovation work to be done which should be completed over the next month or so, however the lounge is already a massive improvement over the original business class lounge. It’s a lot larger, the layout is more spacious, and the large windows along the side make for a good distraction when waiting for your flight.

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