Qantas Business Class Lounge Brisbane Airport

Visiting the Qantas Business Class Lounge Brisbane Airport

Brisbane’s domestic terminal is home to Qantas’s ‘Lounge Precinct’, which sounds like a laid back police station but is in fact a dedicated area of the terminal and where you’ll find the Qantas Club, and Qantas Business Class Lounges.

Brisbane Airport doesn’t have terminal numbers, it’s not that big, so you’ll either be accessing the International or Domestic part of the terminal building. The Qantas Business Class Lounge that I visited for this post was in the domestic terminal.

Lounge and services

Apparently (after visiting the lounge) I discovered there is a dedicated entrance to the lounge for customers. Look for the “Qantas Premium Lounge Entry” doors near security and once you’ve shown your QFF Card or Boarding Pass you’ll be able to bypass regular security and get straight into the lounge.

Or if you’re like me and you don’t know that before you get to the airport, once you’ve passed through security go up the escalator in front of you, and the Lounge Precinct will be just to your left.

lounge main entrance – turn left or right or there are a few seats behind that bookcase

Once you’re in, the Business Class Lounge basically follows a “J” shape. Entering via the main doors you can turn left (up the straight part of the “J”) and find seating and a smaller bar at one end.

smaller bar at the left end of the lounge – this wasn’t attended when I was there at 2pm

Turning right (heading around the curved part of the “J” is where you find a larger seating area with a larger bar, and the main food options.

main bar – two staff members were helping out, they were very friendly. standard beers, wines, and soft drinks as per other Qantas Business Class lounges were available

Showers are also available in the main bathroom facilities area towards the left of the lounge as you enter.

shower, sweet

Food and drinks

Qantas offer their standard buffet food options in the lounge. When I was there at lunchtime the toasted sandwich machines were being kept busy. You could also choose from chips (crisps) with vegetable sticks and dips (pesto and hummus), salad options, soup, a couple of hot food options, and 3 cake choices (raspberry brownie, carrot cake, and one other that I didn’t have and have since forgotten what it was, sorry).

As with other Qantas Lounges, the bar offers alcoholic drinks after midday and has a barista service for a coffee in the mornings.

the main food buffet area, hidden a little but keep walking around the curl of the “J” to find it


the signature Qantas “quench” station with herbal teas and lighter drinks. the ginger refresher was very nice, especially when you add a bit of soda water and boom – low sugar ginger beer!


salad bar, the healthier bar to hang around at and talk about your day


The Qantas Business Class Lounge in Brisbane’s Domestic Terminal is a bright and well looked after lounge. It was renovated to the new Qantas Lounge style (to match other lounges eg in Melbourne, Sydney, etc) in 2017 but is still presented well. It’s a tad on the smaller side however, and even though there was enough space when I was visiting at 2pm on a weekday, I can imagine at peak periods it could start to get fairly busy.

However as a place to get away from the crowds in the busy domestic terminal, and with good food and drink options and friendly staff, it’s a very pleasant option.

This is an unpaid review. I am an independent traveller and paid for my flight tickets myself.

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