Air New Zealand Business Class Lounge | Auckland International Airport

Air New Zealand Business Class Lounge at Auckland International Airport

Air New Zealand’s Lounge for Business Class travellers is located on the first level at Auckland Airport. For international travellers passing through Auckland, once you clear the International Transfer security screening turn left and head around the shops to find the ANZ lounge. Don’t turn right and walk the length of the upper floor of the terminal trying to find it like only stupid people would do…

busy lounge, there were some flight delays

Lounge And Services

The lounge is fairly large but on the day I was here it was pretty busy. There were a few delayed flights to the USA which may have contributed to the amount of people in here, but it was pretty hard to find a spare seat let alone one with a table/power etc.

However the lounge does have a good view over the apron near the large bar area, so if you have time (and probably during the day) and if you could find a seat there are good options for some plane-watching.

would be better in the daytime, but good views of the aircraft from near the bar

As mentioned there’s a dedicated bar with staff who can make you a drink. There’s a decent NZ Pale Ale on tap and a good selection of beers, wines, and spirits.

where everybody knows your name

There’s also this mini cinema-style area with comfy chairs facing a big screen. I wasn’t exactly sure what they were showing on here but for sporting events if you could get them to put it on the screen this would be a good area to hang.

would love to connect a PS4 to this

Food and Drink

I was here in the late afternoon so a dinner service was available. You could choose from soup, a few hot meal options, and a buffet of cheeses, salads, sandwiches and deserts.

salad options


a plentiful supply of crackers is just out of shot


chocolate 1 – 0 sponge cake

As well as the bar, you can help yourself to beer, wine, and spirits plus soft drinks tea and coffee just like in the Air New Zealand lounge at Melbourne Airport.

another shot of the bar


This was a very busy lounge when I arrived, but after a couple of flights (one to China and the San Francisco flight) departed it did quieten down a little. It’s a good space, with good views over the airport and if you’re transferring through Auckland on an Air NZ business class flight it’s definitely worth getting out of the busy terminal and spending some time here.

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