When VH-EYZ is flying, follow in real time here on this website (even when I’m out of ADS-B coverage). Alternatively, and when I’m in ADS-B coverage, you can follow using FlightRadar, you can even setup alerts for when we’re airborne.

How to view a specific flight track

  1. Click on “Map filters in the left-hand column, and click “clear all”
  2. Click on a collection, eg: “Wrigley Murphy 2019” in the left-hand column
  3. Click the footprint icon to see a list of flights from that collection
  4. Click an individual flight to see the track

What if the map doesn’t work?

If you can’t see anything below, try this:
-> share.garmin.com/stef747

How to view live tracking

If VH-EYZ is broadcasting live tracking, just click the “View recent tracks” button in the top right to see the latest track.

If a flight track doesn’t appear

Click “view all tracks” on the map in the top-right to see all recent flights. Alternatively click “map filters” in the left column and click “clear all filters” to see all flights.