Latest Podcast Episodes

EP7: Flight Training Tips with Jason Miller

Jason Miller is a Certified Flight Instructor and YouTuber, sharing training videos helping viewers learn to fly. We talk about how Jason became a Flying Instructor, tips for when you’re struggling with flight training, and how to prepare when you’ve had long breaks between flights.

EP6: How Nick Priest became a Commercial Pilot

The story behind how Nick Priest became a Commercial Pilot and went on to fly Airbus A320s and Boeing 787s. Nick shares his aviation story, how he trained as a cadet, his tips to potential pilots and how he’s coping being stood down from his job due to the Coronavirus shutdown.

EP5: Air travel and frequent flyer programs with Nonstop Dan

YouTuber Nonstop Dan posts aviation and travel videos to over 370,000 subscribers. We talk airlines, frequent flyer programs, our favourite commercial aircraft, and Dan shares tips on how to earn and use frequent flyer points, and the future of commercial air travel after Coronavirus.

EP4: Mentour Pilot – How to be a Commercial Pilot

Mentour Pilot (Petter) is a Boeing 737 Type Rating Examiner and Line Training Captain. We talk about how he became a Commercial Pilot, his recommendations for aspiring pilots, how he uses Flight Simulators at home, and his tips to aviators. Petter makes regular videos about Commercial Aviation and has over 500,000 subscribers on his YouTube […]