My Gear List

Here’s a list of the gear I most commonly use to create my YouTube videos. Clicking on the picture will take you to a page with more information and in some instances to buy it for yourself. Also I do earn some affiliate commission from some of these links, so thank you if you do buy from here.


Main Camera: Canon EOS RP

My main vlogging camera. A more affordable small body, full-frame, 4K camera.

Vlog Lens: Canon RF 14-35mm

My main vlogging lens. Stabilised, nice and wide, not too big.

Cockpit Cam: GoPro Hero 9

Amazing stabilisation and good quality image.

Mini-vlog Camera: Sony ZV-1

My backup camera. Great 4K quality image in a small package, you can basically do everything with just this.

DJI Mini 3 Drone

Brilliant travel drone. Very light, easy to launch quickly.

360º WingCam: GoPro Max

How I get my pan / zoom shots from the aircraft wing.


Sony ICD-UX570 Digital Recorder

I record all my cockpit radio into this digital audio recorder. Great battery life, can record entire flights.

Headphone Splitter

Use this to split your audio output to two devices (the audio recorder and your headset).

Audio cable

This converts a 1/4″ output to the 3.5mm input you will need for the audio recorder.

Sennheiser MKE400 microphone

Compact microphone with excellent sound quality. A really important part of my kit.

Audio Level Adjuster: S1000

I connect this between the headset output and my audio recorder to keep the audio from clipping / distorting


RAM Ball Mount ‘B’

Attached to my dashboard, used to attach the RAM arm for mounting my iPad / GoPro.


Attach this to the Ball Mount to give you an articulating arm.

RAM Suction Cup

A really strong suction cup to mount bits to your window if you don’t want a permanent fixture.