Aspen airport – a haven for private jets

I was lucky enough recently to travel to Aspen ski resort as part of a business trip recently.

No visit to Aspen is complete without a quick stop at the airport to gaze in awe at some of the aircraft that bring private passengers, the likes of Kevin Costner, Goldie Hawn and other celebrities, to the mountains.

Aspen has one runway (15/33), just over 7,000 feet long.

Elevation is between 7679 and 7820 feet depending on runway.

I’ve attached a few photos of the visit to this post. Note the two Bombardier jets, one parked and one photographed just after touchdown.

Some amazing machinery, and a really enjoyable visit.

More information on the airport can be found on their official website: There are also some details airport stats here on

Note – if you are planning to fly into Aspen airport, please check with the airport before planning a trip. The photos and information provided here are for interest only and should not form part of a flight plan.

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