Apricot Lounge Ho Chi Minh Airport | Tan Son Nhat International

by Andrew Donadel

Apricot Lounge Ho Chi Minh City

The Apricot Lounge at Ho Chi Minh’s Tan Son Nhat International airport is a  shared lounge for One a World airlines and is located on level with, with access down to the lounge by the elevator near the Duty Free shop.

Lounge and Services

The Apricot Lounge Ho Chi Minh Airport is very basic and quite small. It was recently upgraded so it does have a modern look to it, yet there was no enhancement to services. It is a simple lounge, comfortable enough to sit around in waiting for your flight. There are no extra services provided and no shower facilities.



Food and Drink

The menu seems to be the same for all meal periods. Cut fruit, noodles, bread and beef noodle soup (phở). Honestly, there are much better food options upstairs but if you just want to sit and work with a cold drink, it’s fine. Just don’t expect too much.





The recent upgrading has improved the Lounge from what it was before, yet it is still a very basic lounge. The highlight of the enhancements to me is the wall with the nice motif.  

It’s not somewhere I look forward to visiting when I’m at this airport, however I do find it comfortable enough when it’s not too busy and there are seats available.

Happy traveling!

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