The Lost Episode: RNAV approach through cloud at Moorabbin Airport

Flying back from Horsham Airport in Victoria to Moorabbin I spent the last 30 minutes or so cloudsurfing just over the top of an unbroken cloud layer above Avalon and Port Phillip Bay

I then had to descend to 2600 feet to shoot the RNAV approach to Moorabbin which meant descending through a layer of cloud and breaking out at the start of the approach.

This was the first time flying above an unbroken layer and descending through an OVC layer of cloud for an approach for me, and I completely forgot I filmed it all!

So please enjoy ‘The Lost Episode’ from a few weeks ago, with wingview shots, ATC conversations and the RNAV approach into Moorabbin.

Watch: “The Lost Episode” RNAV approach through cloud at Moorabbin Airport

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