Sydney Northern Beaches traffic

Living on the Northern Beaches I see plenty of aircraft overflying the area, mainly the seaplanes that route back and forth from Rose Bay in the Harbour to Palm Beach and Pittwater. However there are often several GA aircraft from Bankstown in that mix as well.

Whenever I’ve flown over the beaches I’ve always been taught to firstly use the Northbound lane of entry either all the way up to Patonga then bear right via Barrenjoey Head (pictured left), or divert right earlier in the LOE and intersect the coast over Narrabeen Lagoon.

However it’s amazing the number of aircraft that I see overflying my house, a point several kilometres north of the lagoon. This means Southbound traffic down the coast have to expect other traffic to intersect their path at any point along the way, rather than just abeam the lagoon.

It’s obviously vital to maintain a good lookout at all times when flying VFR, especially on those high traffic areas like the Harbour Loop, but at least if everyone followed the same rules then perhaps this might make the exercise a little safer.

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