Red Baron Flying School Open Weekend

Red Baron – the specialist flying school based at Bankstown Airport in Sydney – are hosting an “Open Weekend” for aviation enthusiasts, seasoned pilots and beginners alike to chat to staff and students and check out the fleet. 
Activities and events run across Saturday-Sunday 5 & 6 November from 11AM to 8PM at the Red Baron Hangar – 109 Drover Road, Bankstown Airport.
The school has become well known for its high standards in flight tuition for beginners, but is also a great place for pilots who have been flying for a while to re-examine their flying and sharpen their skills (as a student of Red Baron who did just that I can really vouch for their techniques and procedures).
Plus for thrill-seekers Red Baron offer a vast range joy-flights in a variety of aircraft.
Activities over the weekend include:
  • BBQ from 4PM to 8PM 
  • Coffee and Cakes throughout the day
  • Ticket raffle to win 1 Red Bull flight in the Extra 200 on both days
  • Ticket raffle to win 1 Combat Dragon flight over the entire weekend 
  • Red Baron will host Matt Hall’s Extra 300L for the weekend and flights will be available (prices to be announced)
  • Other visiting aircraft and plenty more

Visit for more information on the company.

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