ILS glideslope failure on country IFR flight

On a flight from Moorabbin Airport to Warrnambool Airport in country Victoria I decided to include an ILS approach at Avalon en route. I’d flown this many times before as part of my Instrument Rating training, and had shot the ILS at Avalon just two weeks ago in the very same aircraft, a Cirrus SR20.

However on this flight as I became established on the localiser I noted that the glideslope wasn’t showing on the Primary Flight Display (PFD) giving me no vertical guidance. As I started to troubleshoot I let Avalon Approach know and decided to remain at 3000 feet tracking the localiser to the airfield.

Approach contacted the Tower at Avalon and reported that the ILS glidepath and localiser were working correctly, so it was most likely either something I’ve done incorrect in the airplane or an issue with the glidepath receiver in the Cirrus itself.

This pilot vlog shows the flight in full including the departure from Moorabbin, the glidepath issues at Avalon, the RNAV approach through rain showers at Warrnambool and a look around the country airfield.

Pilot Vlog – ILS glideslope failure on IFR flight

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