Flight plan mistake and Cirrus SR20 cloudsurfing

I made a mistake when filing an IFR flight plan for the Cirrus Sr20 this week. I had one of the waypoints in the wrong place, but Airservices Australia picked it up and called me to sort out the mistake. This week’s pilot vlog features part of that call so you can hear how great they were at spotting the mistake and helping me fix it.

The pilot vlog also features a departure from Moorabbin Airport and getting clearance to climb through Class C airspace over Melbourne Tullamarine Airport at 6000 feet.

This was the longest IFR flight I’ve flown since getting my Instrument Rating, around an hour out of Melbourne to Horsham Airport where I flew the RNAV approach and made a circling approach at Horsham.

Video: Flight plan mistake and Cirrus SR20 cloudsurfing

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