First time flying through cloud | flight VLOG

I’m towards the pointy end of my Instrument Rating training. Ask anyone what you can do with an Instrument Rating, and a lot would respond “oh, so that means you can fly through cloud right?”. Which of course is true (under certain conditions), however in the 5 weeks I’ve been training I’ve only kissed the edges of clouds once or twice.

Today’s flight was very different. I saw there were clouds at 2500 feet around the waypoint we were heading towards but never expected to be flying a VOR approach in real IMC conditions.

It was an awesome experience. Even just holding straight and level in cloud was a new experience. Add to that turns, track intercepts, holding at minima and a missed approach, all in cloud, made this one of my favourite flights to date.

Here’s the VLOG of the flight, and I’m trying a slightly new format for these videos, so any feedback or comments on what you see would be really appreciated. And of course if you like the video, I’m always greatful when you smash that like button on YouTube. Enjoy!

Flying through cloud – Fly Digital VLOG

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