Cessna 152 crashes on landing at Bankstown Airport

A Cessna 152 crashed on landing on 29R at Sydney’s Bankstown Airport (YSBK) yesterday. The 152 was piloted by a student pilot on a solo flight.

Details are sill not available, but the aircraft’s nose wheel assembly appeared to collapse on landing at the threshold of 29R which caused the nose to contact the ground slowing the aircraft sudddenly.

The aircraft settled on its nose, right wingtip and right wheel.

The student pilot was taken away for treatment by the airport emergency services but his injuries were not thought to be serious at the time.

No indication at present of what caused the incident. The aircraft was operated by Proflite based at Bankstown Airport.

Runway 29R was closed whilst the aircraft was removed. 29C was operational for arrivals/departures after a short delay.

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