Avoidable Accidents Series of Booklets by the ATSB

Just received this set of booklets on ‘Avoidable Accidents’ published by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB).

The series is aimed at General Aviation pilots and gives advice on avoiding accidents in 6 key areas.

The books are very easy to digest and include diagrams and pictures to help illustrate points.

Additionally, there are case studies of actual recorded incidents and accidents relating to each of the 6 main categories to help visualise the outcomes of accidents from the past and in some cases how pilots have been able to avoid them.

I got hold of the booklets after seeing an advert in CASA’s ‘Flight Safety’ magazine and then emailing the ATSB at: ATSBInfo@atsb.gov.au

Here is a list of the 6 topics covered in the series I received:

  • Managing partial power loss after takeoff in single-engine aircraft
  • Low-level flying
  • A pilot’s guide to staying safe in the vicinity of non-towered aerodromes
  • Wirestrikes involving known wires: A manageable aerial agricultural hazard
  • Accidents involcing Visual Flight Rules pilots in Instrument 
    Meteorological Conditions
  • Starved and exhausted: Fuel management aviation accidents

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