The Road To Oshkosh 2012

I’m slightly fuzzy headed, tired, and starting to get a bit fidgety after 15 hours of flying, but nevertheless I’m still indescribably excited to be making my way to Oshkosh for EAA’s Airventure 2012.

I’m currently at 39000 feet over America (making use of the inflight wifi offered on this AA flight) on my second of 3 flights that will get me to Appleton Wisconsin, which will be my temporary home whilst I attend the Airshow.

Actually I shouldn’t call it an Airshow, it’s way more than that. I’ve wanted to go to Oshkosh for longer than I can remember. As one of the worlds biggest aviation gatherings it attracts hundreds of thousands of people like me who love flight and everything (like, literally everything) associated with it. It’s estimated that around 10,000 pilots fly their own aircraft to the event as well making Oshkosh airport the busiest airport in the world during the mass fly-in/out.

As well as the daily airshows that start at 3pm each afternoon I’m looking forward to attending some of the many seminars that are held including talks on how new technologies are making their way into the cockpit. Sporty’s and Jeppensen’s talks on the electronic flight bag and using an iPad as a Private Pilot are two that I am especially keen to catch.

Plus there’s the chance to meet some aviation celebs like Red Bull Air Race pilots Kirby Chambliss and Mike Goulian as well as American Airlines pilot and “Hudson River Hero” Captain Sully Sullivan.

Apparently George Lucas will be there too announcing the movies they show at night.

It will be great to immerse myself in an environment where I truly feel at home and to mix with like minded people who share my deep and unwavering enthusiasm for flight.

Suffice to say, expect many many more posts and photos on the subject…


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