A380 takeoff video

Just filling time before a trip to the airport by browsing A380 videos on youTube and found one that reminded me of the Avalon Airshow last month. Watching the Qantas A380 rotate about 20metres in front of me was a great experience and it’s hard to sum up the sound and feeling of being that close.

So I found this video taken a few years back at the Farnborough airshow in the UK which demonstrates some of that power of the engines as the jetwash hits the crowd.

I was hoping to get a flight on the A380 recently but as it happens I will be on a B747. You can look this information up on the Qantas site apparently. But I’m sure there will be plenty of times in the future when I do get to see the A380 again, so I will be patient and wait because it will be worth it when I do. I am a bit of a fan, she’s a beautiful and very powerful thing.

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