How to spend one day in Tokyo

I recently had the opportunity to spend one day in Tokyo on a stopover from the USA back to Australia.

I’d always wanted to visit Japan before, it’s been on my top 10 list of countries to visit for ages. So when we had the chance to stopover in Tokyo, even for one day, I jumped at the chance to visit.

Tokyo was one of the cleanest, friendliest, and most seamlessly working cities that I think I’ve ever been to. The people were wonderful, the streets were clean, and (once the really nice lady in the subway explained a few things to us) the public transport system is brilliant.

I put a quick travel vlog together of some of our highlights, check it out below.

If you ever get the opportunity to spend a day in Tokyo (or preferably longer), I’d really encourage you to do so. It’s an amazing place.

How to spend one day in Tokyo – travel vlog

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