Rain and low cloud in New York City

I had a flight in a C172 from Lincoln Park Airport booked in today for 9am but we’re sitting at the tail end of a couple of days of heavy rain and low cloud and sadly we had to postpone.

I took the screenshot (left) of the weather from usairnet.com – a brilliant website that’s aimed more at ultralight operations (balloons, skydiving, hang gliding, etc) but provides lots of weather data useful for GA light aircraft pilots as well.

What I particularly liked was the Cloud Base chart which gave a really good indication of the likelihood of getting airborne from a Terminal or area (in this case New York City). Seeing that the base was 200-400 at the scheduled time of the flight and only rising to 2,000-3,000 mid-afternoon I knew I could confidently switch the alarm off for the VFR flight planned for this morning.

Check out usairnet.com’s current New York City aviation weather forecast here.

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