Qantas Loyalty Bonus – status credits or frequent flyer miles

As a Qantas Frequent Flyer, one of the best ways to increase your frequent flyer earning capacity is to try and increase your membership status. And a Qantas Loyalty Bonus can help you with that. Silver Frequent Flyers earn more points for the same trip than Bronze. Gold earns more that Silver. Platinum more than Gold, and so on.

If you’re in the game of earning status credits to increase your membership tier, it’s likely that at some point you’re going to be presented with a Qantas Loyalty Bonus. This is offered to members for every 500 status credits you earn.

Qantas Loyalty Bonus

How does it work?

When you earn 500 status credits, you’ll see a loyalty bonus option in your Qantas app or when you’re logged into the website. This presents you with a choice of either taking 8,000 QFF points, or 50 Status Credits. You can decide which to choose, and the points or status credits are then immediately applied to your account.

Status credits, or points?

But which should you choose? Which is the better deal?

Well it kind of depends on your objectives, but here’s what I think.

Why you should take the status credits

If you’re looking to get into a higher status tier and your membership year is drawing to an end, and if you can’t earn enough status credits from existing flight bookings or a quick ‘status credit run’, then use the bonus SCs to get yourself into that next tier. This then gives you a whole membership year earning more frequent flyer points than you would have done on the lower tier.

If you’re sitting in Silver and the bonus SCs will take you to Gold, and especially if you pay to get into the Qantas Club at airports, then definitely take the status credits to get Gold as this gives you free entry into the Qantas Club Lounges and will save you the renewal fee.

If you don’t have the ability to get into the next tier (perhaps you’re towards the end of a membership year and the target is realistically too high to achieve) BUT you’re looking to get lifetime Silver or Gold membership, remember your bonus status credits count towards this total as well. So it may be in your best interest to take the bonus SCs whilst they’re being offered.

Why you should take the points

If you’re not looking to go up a tier or you’re too many status credits away from the next tier, then it might be better for you to take the frequent flyer points.

If you are close to the next tier, but you’re not planning on doing much flying in the next year, then again you might want to take the points as you won’t be maximising your increased points earning capacity during the year when it counts.

So why take the points instead? Well when researching this article I actually found you can do a lot more with 8,000 QFF points than I first thought. For example, 8,000 Qantas frequent flyer points is enough to get you one-way in Economy on these popular routes:

  • Sydney – Brisbane
  • Sydney – The Gold Coast
  • Sydney – Ballina
  • Sydney – Lord Howe Island
  • Sydney – Port Macquarie
  • Melbourne – Adelaide
  • Melbourne – Sydney
  • Melbourne – Hobart

So if going up a tier isn’t going to help you much, and you’re in the game of collecting QFF points to save spending cash on flight tickets, and if you’re considering some domestic travel in Australia, then the points could be the best option for you.

What do I do?

I was recently offered a Qantas Loyalty Bonus and decided to take the Status Credits. This was part of my strategy to get from Gold to Platinum status this year which is giving me a lot more benefits for my next 12 months of flying. Because the 50 SCs helped get me up a tier (I was close already, but the bonus certainly helped) for me it was a no brainer.

Then, add to that I’m also working towards Lifetime Silver status which will guarantee me a higher frequent flyer earning rate even if my membership status drops down again in the future, which I’m sure will be the case when I’m travelling less for work in the future. So knowing the SCs count toward that overall total as well, I decided to take that option.

What did you choose?

If you’ve received a Qantas Loyalty Bonus in the past what did you end up choosing – the points or the status credits? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and share your opinion with the community here.

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  1. Hi Stefan, great article, very helpful and straight forward advice which I think would help a lot of people get clarity on what to do with their bonus. Was wondering if I could ask what you would do in the following situation – My year is ending in 2 months and I am 15 SCs away from retaining Gold. I have a couple of flights in the next few weeks so I will make it easily. I also have the SC loyalty bonus coming up. Could I put activating the bonus on ice until I move into my next year in 2 months time and thus give my SC balance a head start for the next year? Or does the loyalty bonus not carry over? Thank again

    1. Hey Chris, the loyalty bonus typically has an expiry date unto itself and I have had situations when the bonus expired after my SC year ended. So I could decide which SC year I wanted the bonus to drop into. So if you’ve already made your SC target for this year and you can activate your loyalty bonus in your new year, then I’d definitely do that.

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