Qantas Sydney – Canberra in flight meal

Just took a quick hop from YSSY to YSCB courtesy of a Dash-8 Q400 with a very smooth pilot at the controls (hardly knew we touched down in CBR). Just wanted to share the inflight meal we were served.

QF provide a quick snack on the short hop, a Pumpkin and Fetta savoury muffin, with water and a mini-boost (chocolate bar not the popular juice company).

Complimented with a cup of tea, it actually wasn’t a bad snack. And once again, great flight. Qantas really do put good people on the cityflyer service.

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  1. Crikey Stefan, I'm getting hungry just looking at that selection of delicacies.

    A kids aviation website you might find of interest…

    Captain Turb Coriolis

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