Cathay Pacific Lounge | Tokyo Narita Airport

Cathay Pacific’s departures lounge is located on the 4th floor in Terminal 2, accessed by an elevator next to the main duty free stores.

yes, I was the geek taking photos of the sign

The Lounge and Facilities

The lounge itself is pretty small in size but features plenty of seating options including bar stool type seating around a communal table at one end. There are some power points available but a few more would be useful, sit around the outside of the lounge if you need power as there are few options elsewhere.

seating in the Cathay Pacific Lounge
Cathay Pacific lounge seating – get in quick if you want a power point

Food and Drink

Being a small Lounge the food and drink options are limited. Prepackaged noodles and miso soup were available along with some basic canapé style rice balls, sushi (apparently, there was a sign but I couldn’t see any when taking these photos). Plus a small assortment of packaged crackers, museli bars, yoghurts and some fruit were also available.

It was nice though to see a few vegetarian specific options which in a lounge this small can sometimes be overlooked.

rice balls and canape style snacks
tiny foods
noodles and miso soup
basically just a pot noodle

Free pouring spirits were available as were bottles of wine and sake. But an honourable mention goes to the draught Kirin beer machine that served frothy lager and stout on demand. Draught beer on demand – Tokyo, you really do think of everything.

free pouring spirits in the cathay pacific lounge
make mine a double
draugt kirin beer machine
draught Kirin beer machine. shame it’s 9.32am.
sake, dangerous fire breathing stuff


As with most Japanese public spaces this one was clean, friendly and quiet – a good place to relax and do some work before a flight. A few more food options would be good, and some more power points to share amongst the customers would help too, but the friendly staff and good working environment help make up for that.

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