Airport Challenge

For a while I’ve maintained a list of airports I’ve wanted to fly into as Pilot In Command, but I’ve recently started thinking about setting myself an “Airport Challenge” to give that list a purpose.

There are a few reasons why. First off, my girlfriend currently is undertaking a food challenge to try 50 new dishes/restaurants before she is 30 and that seems like fun and I want in on the whole ‘blog challenge’ thing.

But secondly, and more seriously, I want to keep challenging myself as a pilot and flying Harbour Scenics around Sydney or taking the odd hop up to Cessnock really isn’t cutting it.

But I’m trying to work out what challenge to set myself, so here are some of my options so far:

– top 10 Australian GA airports (as I said I already have a good list of these but it would take me a while with all that additional travel)
– top 10 places to fly in a day from Bankstown (easier to achieve and more relevant to me, but I’ve done a lot of that already)
– Australia’s most challenging approaches (hmm, perhaps that is a little over-ambitious, don’t want to make headlines for the wrong reasons here)
– my top 10 short, medium and hard flights around Sydney (bit like number 2 above)
– NSW’s best $100 veggie burgers (yes I’m a flying veggie, could combine a foodie angle as well)

These are just a few options, I’m going to keep thinking and decide on one soon, but if you have any thoughts or have done something similar yourself let me know and I’ll post a link to your challenge blog too if you like.

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