VFR on top – flying above the clouds

Flying ‘VFR On Top’ is when you’re flying under the Visual Flight Rules (VFR) but on top of the cloud layer. I’m not a big fan of this (as you will see in the video below).

When the cloud started closing in on me up ahead, I had no choice but to divert off my track and find a hole in the clouds to descend through and fly low back home.

This video shows the departure from Latrobe Valley in Australia, a climb to 6,500 feet to get above the turbulent air, flying over the top of cloud, and the descent back through a gap to take me back under the cloud layer.

This is not an instructional video, I am a Private Pilot flying for enjoyment only, so if you have questions about any of the content of this video please seek the advice of a qualified Flying Instructor.

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