VFR Flight Following in the Cirrus SR20

If you’ve ever wondered how to request VFR flight following from Air Traffic Control, here’s a video from a recent flight of mine from Bendigo to Moorabbin Airport. The airspace around Ballarat Airport (one of my waypoints) was pretty congested on this day. I’d heard on the radio and read in the NOTAMs that there would be a number of VFR and IFR aircraft around the Airport.

So en route to Ballarat I called up ATC and requested flight following. This is a service provided by Air Traffic Control who will follow your progress and provide updates on traffic and any potential conflicts that may be in your path. It’s a really good service and I thoroughly recommend asking for it if ATC have the capacity. You won’t always get it, but if you don’t ask, you’ll never know!

VFR Flight Following video

Please note – as always, this is not an instructional video. None of the techniques shown here should be attempted before speaking to your Flight Instructor. Several calls and procedures have been edited out of this final version for brevity.

Aircraft was VH-TDS (Tango Delta Sierra) from Blue Demon Aviation in Moorabbin, Australia.

More information on VFR Flight Following

Also be sure to check out Airservices Australia’s factsheet on VFR Flight Following.

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