Pilot VLOG – I’m changing my YouTube flying channel

Around a year ago I setup my Fly Digital YouTube channel. I’ve always enjoyed making short videos, and being able to fly meant I could combine two things I love and share aviation with anyone interested across the web. However I recently came to the conclusion that my videos were, well, a little dull.

So I shot this quick pilot VLOG explaining why I’m changing the channel and what I’m planning to do.

Pilot VLOG – why I’m changing my YouTube flying channel

My next flight is going to be my first solo IFR flight after having recently got my Instrument Rating here in Australia. After that I’m going to be using my license to tour some of the airfields and towns around my local area and further beyond. The pond ripple effect as my Instructor told me. Start local, then slowly spread out further afield and hopefully discover some great new airfields, have new flying adventures and meet some fellow aviators along the way.

If you want to keep up to date with the new pilot VLOGs and videos coming out then you can subscribe to the Fly Digital aviation channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/flydigital

Thanks as always for watching, hope you enjoy the new content

Happy flying.

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  1. Big fan of you from Kenya
    I wanted to inquire afew things

    The degree programs offered by UNSW and UniSA (pilot program) are they worth it or I should just jump onto FTA and start my training without going through the degree program

    Hope to get a reply from you


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