Lost radio signal and forced landings – Longreach EP06

Day 3. Today we’re flying from Charleville Airport to Longreach, our destination in Queensland and the home of the Qantas Founders Museum.

We pass through an area of no VHF coverage at our altitude so we lose VHF communications on this very remote leg, no towns beneath us, just red dust and a few homesteads for an hour and a half.

This vlog features the departure from Charleville Airport, the trip over Australia’s outback, our arrival into Longreach and a sneak peek at the Qantas Founders Museum and the Qantas Boeing 747 at Longreach.

Video: Lost radio signal and forced landings – Longreach EP06

I’m flying from Melbourne to Longreach in a Cirrus SR20 under the Instrument and Visual flight rules. Stopping at regional airports along the way, hopefully meeting some interesting people and fellow aviators, and sharing the whole trip with you here on YouTube.

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