The Dish at Parkes – Moorabbin to Parkes Airport – Longreach EP04

Day 1 of my pilot vlogs flying from Melbourne to Longreach and back. Today I took off from Moorabbin Airport in Melbourne to Parkes and stopped to see ‘The Dish’.

The CSIRO radio telescope observatory in Parkes is a fantastic place to visit and learn about how Australia was pivotal in helping with the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969.

In my pilot vlog below, as well as the flight from Moorabbin to Parkes, I chat to one of the Observation Scientists from CSIRO about that historic day.

Video: Moorabbin Airport to Parkes to see The Dish

I’ll be flying from Melbourne to Longreach in a Cirrus SR20 under the Instrument and Visual flight rules. Stopping at regional airports along the way, hopefully meeting some interesting people and fellow aviators, and sharing the whole trip with you here on YouTube.

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Visit the CSIRO radio telescope:

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