My best GoPro settings for Hero 4 and 5 for recording flights

As part of my trip to Longreach I’m going to be making daily videos of the experiences I have visiting new towns through regional Australia, but of course I’ll also be sharing a lot of footage of the flights themselves. I’ve recorded my flights from inside the cockpit using GoPros since I borrowed an old Hero camera from my flight school, then bought my first Hero3 which I used for ages. Only recently have I upgraded to a couple of new versions.

Now I use 3 GoPro cameras. The Hero 4 session for general wingview and mobile shots, the Hero 4 Silver with an ND filter as my front-facing camera to capture the dashboard and view out the front, and the Hero 5 Black for capturing what’s happening in the cockpit.

I put this video together to share my GoPro settings so you can see how I set things up. This includes where the cameras are positioned, plus my video settings and how I record the cockpit and air traffic control audio. I hope you find it useful. It was good to test the setup for this video before the big trip so I know now where to position the cameras and how to set them up.

Video: GoPro settings for Hero 5 and cockpit setup

One thing I didn’t cover is GoPro battery life, but in a previous video I talked about how I’m taking backup batteries and have since bought some GoPro battery charging units so I can charge multiple batteries at once. If you’re planning to shoot lots of footage, battery life quickly becomes quite a key consideration.

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