Light plane crashes after departing Bankstown Airport

A light plane crashed this morning after commencing a flight from Bankstown Airport. The aircraft was reported to have departed YSBK around 8am this morning before the pilot ran into trouble and turned back towards the airport.

The transcript of the pilot and ATC went as follows according to an archive recording on

PILOT: “You got us in sight at all there?”
YSBK: “At this stage negative, due to the haze.”
PILOT: “We’re not maintaining height here, you got any sight here … are there any good roads around?”
YSBK: “The M7 should be in your vicinity somewhere – you’re just approaching the three mile boundary now.”
PILOT: “We’ve got no height here, sorry.”
YSBK: “There’s no main roadways in your vicinity?”
PILOT: “…(inaudible)…we’ll have to put it down in the road.”
YSBK: “What about the raceway?”
PILOT: “I can’t see that, sorry.”
YSBK: “It’ll be off to your right, about your two o’clock.”

[No further communication between PILOT and YSBK]

At the time of writing, it is reported that the pilot was fatally injured.

The aircraft registration was VH-PGW, a twin-engine Piper PA-31. This link shows the aircraft from

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