Come meet up at Oz Flight Sim Expo ‘18

I’m going to be presenting at this year’s Oz Flight Sim Expo, giving a talk about my background in aviation and sharing some of my aviation experiences.

I’ve been running XPlane 10 on an iMac at home and have used it for Instrument Flying Training for a few years now, but I’ll admit I’m not a flight sim expert especially compared to those who’ll be attending the show. The sophistication and connectivity of some sim setups these days is amazing, with air traffic controllers and pilots sharing virtual airspace in real time, adhering to the same rules of the sky that us pilots do.

With my background in technology and my love of aviation and travel I’m dead excited to check out the show and chat to everyone there.

My talk is on Saturday the 17th in the morning and I’ll be doing a meet and greet after, so if you’re there come and say hello. It’ll be great to meet you.

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